This new patch literally fucks the game up for new players and people who aren’t whales....

This new patch literally fucks the game up for new players and people who aren’t whales....


People say it only affects F2P. Even our hypewhales are mad. Idk if their goal was to get rid of the f2ps so the servers are better for the remaining whales, but even those people wanna peace out. Yday collectively we logged on, confirmed our fear that it wasn't poor wording and logged off.


whales/late progression players would use masters/meisters to either fund alts or tier WIP gear. it’s definitely a negative change across the board.


>Idk if their goal was to get rid of the f2ps so the servers are better for the remaining whales A game using a F2P model should strive to retain as many non-payers as possible due to the value they add to the community and the possibility that they will eventually spend. If you want to think about it in a more cynical way, non-payers can be viewed as content for paying players. Given that Nexon is credited for creating the free-to-play model you'd think they'd be well aware of this.


How the hell is that even makes sense? Whales exist only being compared to f2ps. Getting rid of f2ps will make whales weaker in comparison! Whales should want MORE f2ps!!


i probably belong to the whale group and while the cube thing doesnt affect me whatsoever, it just feels wrong and scummy for them to do it looking back


I was looking into playing Maplestory but after poking around a bit I found several red-flags that put me off. This being one of them...


I've spent money on maple before but never on progression. I'm 35k stat and that means without access to meisters, I've basically hit the progression soft cap. Nexon might think that it will only alienate the f2p players but some of us spend money on the game while also relying on cubes. Also, whales don't want to play a dead game. And whales have f2p friends too So fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk nexon. I'm quitting


Hello yes, I'm not receiving any cubes from my daily bosses. Please fix this bug at your earliest convenience.


It’s not a bug it’s a change they made sadly


I'm a whale. My kain gear was built off crafted cubes and boss dropped cubes. This change affects me.


A common way of progressing in this game is to save up for drop gear, get a decent amount, pop some buffs, do daily bosses, get a few cubes per day. The rate of progression wasn't even *good* in the first place, just acceptable for those with a lot of patience. Now I can't really think of away to progress other than buying meso gear and whacking mobs for 5 hours a day, then converting to MP and getting red/black cubes. That sounds so insanely dull to me that words cannot adequately describe it.


Do reboot bosses still drop cubes




Mcc still drops from weekly bosses as i got one from lomien


Only Occults. So it’s not too bad, since we usually use Occults on basic gear and Reds/Blacks to tier up. Still kinda bad though.


It sucks for going from rare to epic without buying them. Or some free rolls in unique, which we might be underutilizing


Epic is easy to get on Reboot, Yu Garden dailies let you buy Epot Scrolls and then there's Legion Shop or just Transfer Hammering up from other Epic gear (like the guaranteed Epics that drop from Julietta). Unique/Leg, you still need to buy Reds/Blacks to get. MCCs can also get you to Unique, but you can also buy those on Reboot from the NPC. The amount of cash you needed to spend (after looking at the # of each type of cube needed to tier up) was roughly the same no matter what cube, as least if kiinguin's cubing spreadsheet is still up to date. But cubes are a lot cheaper to buy on Reboot than what they cost on reg servers after converting Meso to NX/Maple Points. And Reboot also gets higher Meso drop.


It's easy but not free. The cubes were a nice way to transfer effort from one character to another. Not the biggest deal but it was nice for the mules I plan to level later.


The only hope we have atm, is that they’re seeking confirmation from KMS-Overlords.